Understanding Small Businesses





Why is it important?

Supporting small businesses means much more than you think. Buying small supports a business usually owned by a sole person who does the job of 5. A small business is managed by few people and requires a lot of time and effort. You're supporting more than a person's business, you are supporting their passion. Making your passion into your income takes a lot of courage and your support means the world to small business owners.

You are also, indeed, supporting local economy and upgrading the worth of your surroundings. By doing so, you are also diminishing the revenues of big companies (usually from the east) that are employing children and promoting unethical labor. Much more comes with supporting small businesses. If you want to learn more about the importance of shopping small, you can read this article about FORBES' view on it: 

43 Reasons You Should Support Small And Independent Businesses



What to expect...


Obviously, shopping with small businesses will provide you with better customer service. Usually, the small biz is the owner's world and they spend their whole day making sure everything is doing well (may or may not be refering to myself), therefore at any point, the owner will be helping you figure out an issue. Also, small businesses mention it in their names, it is of a small scale. This means that there are way less customers than a multi-national and gives you personalized, one-on-one customer service. 


Having few employees does come with a downside. The order fulfillment rate is obviously longer due to the smaller amount of people dedicated to preparing orders. We, obviously, do our best to prepare them as fast as possible but we feels like customers should know that this comes with ordering small. We also have no control over the shipments once the packages leave our quarters. Bigger companies have deals with postal services or even have their own. This means they can control and give the best shipment rates and times to their customers. This is obviously not the case with small businesses. Although those issues may occur when buying small, the amazing customer service that comes with a small business will usually find a way for you to be accommodated