The Founder

Hi, my name is Eve and I am the proud founder of DAZE Collections.


The pandemic offered me the opportunity to finally accomplish a dream of mine: Starting a small business. 


My mom always had a passion for jewelry and eventually taught me, at 8 years old, how to make it. I instantly became obsessed with the art and spent hours on end crafting with my mom.

Then the teenage years rolled around and this passion of mine slowly faded and I forgot about it. Years went by without me even touching the jewelry supply we had.


(Eve, founder of DAZE Collections) 

  Then the pandemic hit. Everyone was stuck at home and I had no idea what to do with myself.


So one day, I remembered about jewelry. I was so bored that I told myself to give it a try again.

Without any expectations, I gave it a go. Next thing you know, I am working on new pieces day and night producing more jewelry than I can ever where.

After gifting a friend a necklace I had created for her birthday, I was told I could easily sell those.



 (Eve creating jewelry)


And now, here we are, a small business based on accessories. A business that grew from a passion and made me rekindle my love with the craft. A business that proved me that I had never lost my passion but only put it aside.