Terms & Conditions


Note that delivery times are estimated and cannot be guaranteed. These estimations are averages based on the usual timelines that take the deliveries. These times are also calculated by business days (does not include weekends or holidays). 

Our deliveries are supported by CANADA POST

It is asked from the costumer to understand that once the packages have left our offices, the shipment is out of our control. For problems regarding the shipping, we are willing to help you although your best option is to directly address yourself to the shipping company. We do our best to choose the fastest, best priced and quality shipping methods but incidents and unexpected delays do happen. Any compensations regarding delivery issues will not be provided by DAZE Collections. 

(Delivery Issues include: stolen packages after delivery, mistakes, wrong address information, etc.) 

If you want to know more about our policy regarding Delivery, feel free to contact us at dazebusinessinquiries@gmail.com.



  • During Transport: Any complications regarding the quality of the packages upon arrival aren't DAZE Collections's responsibility. The items sold by DAZE Collections are: 1. Not considered fragile,  2. Protected by specific packaging methods and 3. Quality Checked before departure. Therefore, damaged elements would be caused by severe neglect from the posting company. In this unfortunate situation, DAZE Collections is not held accountable and will not be taking supplementary measures to accommodate you. We invite you to contact the transport company to discuss the damage.                                                       

                 (Customer Service will not be taking care of this situation)


  • Defects: Although extremely rare, we are aware that defective products can occur. In this case, you are invited to reach out to customer service with pictures of the item. Like mentioned in the section above, our products go through a rigorous process including quality checks as well as double verifications by other employees and more. This problem should not occur with any of our products. Everything being handmade, we understand that errors do happen and you are welcomed to reach out to us.       
 *Note that a defective products can be distinguished from a broken product due to   shipping and/or any circumstances*

                 (Customer Service will be taking care of this situation)   



Due to the same concerns mentioned in the Return Policies, no exchanges are accepted.