The shipping of DAZE Collections products is handled by CANADA POST.


What we Offer our Customers

DAZE Collections understands how expensive shipping can be. In order for even one product to be shipped by CANADA POST, the average shipping cost is 9,00$ CAD. Knowing that scrunchies and jewelry prices are around that price, we understand that one doesn't want to pay as much for shipping as the product itself. Therefore, DAZE Collections has added an option most stores do not have: LETTERMAIL. Since our products are pretty small, after a lot of work with CANADA POST, we were able to give this option. This means that small orders will be sent as letters and consequently diminish the shipping costs by a lot. Shipping for one product has gone from 9,00$ CAD to 2,00$ CAD. This price obviously comes with less options:

  • No tracking of the package (most of the time)

  • No guaranteed shipping dates

  • No insurance 

These disadvantages are to be considered while choosing your shipping method. We offer this option knowing that scrunchies (for example) aren't that big of a loss or can be waited for. Some people are willing to take that risk also knowing that the letters, for the large majority, do make it safely to the recipient. therefore if you are not willing to pay for the more expansive version, DAZE Collections offers you this cheaper way of getting your hands on some of our products.

Note: The LETTERMAIL shipping prices are manually entered into the Shopify and not calculated by CANADA POST. Therefore, the prices have to be rounded and upped more than at the store in case of an extra fee and/or that the package ends up being heavier than expected. The shipping cost can, consequently, be lower than what you paid for (by approximately 1$).


Regular Parcel Shipping

Regular parcel shipping can be tracked and has an approximated arrival date. This is a better option if you need tor receive your parcel soon and/or before a specific date. Although more pricy, this option assures the best postal service and outcome.