Product Care



Water: Although our jewelry has been tested for water encounters, it is better to remove the pieces before entering water. It can, on the long term, damage the jewelry and/or reduce it's quality. 

Earrings: Like any other earrings, it is highly recommended to wash them before wearing them. Cleaning the hooks (only the part that goes into the ears) with an alcohol solution decreases chances of infections. Make sure to thoroughly rinse with water after applying the alcohol before wearing the earrings.





Scrunchies need to also be taken care of for longer lasting effects. Obviously, scrunchies do not need to be taken care of as thoroughly as jewelry, but there are some things you can do. Although, scrunchies can be washed with you're other clothes in the washer, it is preferable to hand wash them with you're regular washer soap. The color and texture will remain better on a longer period if it is washed less harshly. If using the washer, make sure it in the softest setting as well as not packed with clothes. in any cases, let the scrunchies air dry. Scrunchies won't cause any damage if not washed, it is to your liking.